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Nail Cutting

Nail Cutting – Our Registered Foot Health Practitioners are specifically trained to cut your nails whilst ensuring the skin around your nails remains damage-free. This is especially important for those who suffer from diabetes, as even the smallest cut or damage to the skin on your feet can lead to infection and possible ulcers.

Corn Removal

Is a Corn causing you pain every time you walk? We know how uncomfortable they can be! Our Registered Foot Health Practitioners can remove (or greatly reduce) your corn in no time at all. Relief is normally instant, and you can walk on it straight away.


A build-up of hard skin on boney prominences can make walking uncomfortable and
cause us to walk differently, having an effect on other parts of our body. Our Registered Foot
Health Practitioners will remove (or reduce) your callus giving you the freedom to walk normally
and pain-free.

Fungal Nail

Discoloured nail(s)? Excessive foot odour? You may have a fungal nail or foot infection. Easily treated using a patented composition consisting of propylene glycol, urea and lactic acid, we can get your feet looking great in as little as 2-4 weeks*. Please note: there is an additional charge for this service – please speak to your Registered Foot Health Practitioner for further information.

Dabetic Foot Care

As anyone with diabetes will tell you, looking after your feet becomes even more important when you’re diabetic. Our Registered Foot Health Practitioners will monitor the condition of your skin, looking for any cuts or scrapes, as well as keeping an eye on the overall health of your feet. The smallest cut to your foot could lead to infections and ulcers, and in very rare cases, amputation. Our Registered Foot Health Practitioners are trained to cut and trim nails on diabetic patients.


Occasionally painful, always unsightly: we offer a pain-free verruca treatment package
that includes the latest skin-friendly medicament for application by Registered Foot Health Practitioners or only.

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